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Larch Mountain DH/FR (Tillamook State Forest)

Project OVERVIEW - Downhill/Freeride network in Tillamook State Forest PDF Print E-mail
Trail Building
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Friday, 16 October 2009 08:39

Tillamook State Forest DH/FR Network 5-slide deck Presentation...  Status/Map, Quick Facts, Benefits, Comparison to Similar Areas

As of 3/2010 project is "ON HOLD" per land management directive.  Lack of time, resources, and funding.

W.T.F. has completed planning process including trail construction guideline and trail plan.

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Demo of Single Track 240 machine PDF Print E-mail
Trail Building
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Saturday, 10 October 2009 13:31

Barrett Brown with Singletrack Tools, a specialty trail equipment company based in Oregon, invited Westside Trail Federation out to their factory proving grounds near North Plains for a closer look at their production prototype ST 240 machine.   30 LBS Skunk Productions, a Vancouver, B.C. based film crew, was also on site shooting footage for upcoming documentary about freeride trail building.

singletrack tools

"It was impressive to see this machine specifically built for construction of singletrack trail (24 to 30 inches) doing its thing with engineer who designed it at the controls!  Could immediately see benefit of using an ST 240 for bulk of 'heavy lifting' when developing a new trail (or doing rerouting/reclamation during maintenance) while teams of volunteers handle putting finishing touches on trail features.   This might seem like cheating but what I saw was 50 yards of full bench cut including a grade reversal along a 75 degree sideslope in same time it'd take a dedicated 5 person crew all morning to cut... And it got done with this machine in under an hour without breaking a sweat.   I agree with Barrett (see video for commentary)... that this represents a whole lot of volunteer sweat equity that can now be focused on things like sculpting perfect berms and dialing in jumps/trannys." - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Related news...  Northwest Trail Alliance will be submitting an application for 2010 RTP grant funding to help with purchase of such a machine as ST 240 to be used as a "co-op" tool for regional mountain bike trail construction volunteer organizations.   Keep eye on site for details.

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