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L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

2012-2013 Stub Stewart Freeride Area Build days COMPLETED!!! PDF Print E-mail
Trail Building
Written by ryanm   
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 15:13

It's been a long and punishing BUILD season, but we have been able to expand our slice of heaven.  Progress included;

• Complete infrastructure (i.e. Install benches, bi
ke leans, exit signage)

• The “top 5” Beginner & Intermediate minor trail modifications/updates (i.e. drainage work, making jumps bigger/flow better, building cow-catchers / tabling-in jumps on the Intermediate line, etc.)
• Design and commenced construction of the upper Skills area adjacent to FR trailhead (beginner-to-advanced drops to berms to jumps including a log-over and log-ride skills line)
• Design & build cleared lower portion of the Intermediate trail

Needless to say...Thank you SO much for your help!... Without our wonderful volunteers this season, we wouldn't exist!!!



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The Final Stretch PDF Print E-mail
Trail Building
Written by trail gnome   
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 08:18


Since October 1st 2011, Westside Trail Federation has hosted 18 organized trail build days in the Freeride Area @ Stub Stewart State Park. Over that stretch, some very dedicated Volunteers have worked hard (and together) to accomplish much and push us closer to being able to open up the trails to the public. So far this build season we have;

  • · Flagged, cleared and built the North push-up trail to the top of the Freeride Area
  • · Cleared the staging area at the Freeride Trailhead
  • · Flagged, cleared and built “Greehorn” (Beginner-level trail) ,minus fine-tuning
  • · Flagged, cleared and built the South push-up trail
  • · Flagged, cleared and built about 30% of “Drip-Torch” (Intermediate-level trail)

Only 5 build days remain to complete the final tasks needed to open the network by June. Needless to say, we are within reach, only with strong volunteer turnouts from here on out. Here are the final build days of the season. Come on out and have a hand in opening the closest sanctioned Freeride Trails to the Portland Metro-Area.  Then following June 2nd, you can choose to shred these Freeride Trails as often as you'd like.

  • · Saturday, April 21st
  • · Saturday, April 28th
  • · Sunday, May 6th
  • · Saturday, May 19th
  • · Sunday, May 27th

Detailed information about the coming build days can be found;

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 April 2012 08:19
2012 Stub Stewart Freeride Area Build Days Released! PDF Print E-mail
Trail Building
Written by Trail Ninja   
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 15:23

The Event Calendar and Facebook page have been updated with 2012 Trail Build Volunteer Days.  With only 12 build days left between the anticipated (Phase 1) opening of the Stub Stewart State Park Freeride Mountain Bike Area- we need your help now more than ever...

Sun Jan 8

Sat Jan 21
Sun Feb 5
Sat Feb 18
Sun Mar 4
Sat Mar 17
Sun Apr 1
Sat Apr 21
Sun May 6
Sat May 19
Sun May 27

There are no contracts for full-time paid professional trailbuilders to complete this project. There are no multi-million dollar project awards or rivers of funding flowing in. The creation of this Freeride Area is dependent on you- the volunteer. The goal is to open the Freeride Area to the public by June 1st 2012 but there are many projects to be completed by that time. We can do this! Volunteers Needed!

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Grant's Getaways PDF Print E-mail
Trail Building
Written by Ryan   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 10:19

Grant McOmie and crew stopped by last Saturday and helped photo-document our Freeride Area Build Day at Stub Stewart State Park.  Some great exposure here- Great Work Grant and Crew!


Last Updated on Thursday, 20 October 2011 10:30
July 16 & 17 Stub Stewart State Park – Trail Build Weekend (July Monsoon?) PDF Print E-mail
Trail Building
Written by Ryan   
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 09:28


Usually a Summer trail build weekend is “faux pas”, especially being scheduled in mid-July. The dirt is almost always too dry to work with and finding willing volunteers (that aren’t out enjoying ideal riding conditions) is a tough job.

With the perpetual Spring-season that had yet to loosen it’s grip and the growing excitement over the up-and-coming Stub Stewart State Park Freeride Area, we decided to go out on a limb. And boy, did it pay off…

On Saturday we had 10 glowing faces show up to spend their Saturday digging in the dirt, giving back to the sport that they love. Despite the drizzly weather (a few outright downpours), we put in several hours of building on “Drip-Torch”, the intermediate-level difficulty “flow” trail. The ST240 Single-Track trail machine was rented (via courtesy North-West Trail Alliance) and helped with some heavy lifting and also served as motivation for the volunteers. Throughout the day, we cleared a long section of trail and rough-formed a few features (berms, jump, and rock-garden). Despite the conditions, these hard-working and optimistic volunteers worked until near-exhaustion. We called it a day.

Sunday greeted us with early-morning drizzle, followed by a tropical monsoon. Naturally, our crew was smaller so we decided to tackle sawing and clearing the beginner trail, to prepare for tread/trail/feature construction. We flagged this trail back in March and since then, the foliage had grown in and hidden most of the flags. This was bush-whacking at it’s finest. We cleared a tunnel through the vine-maple, pitching logs and branches where we could. This trail is going to have a closed in, tunnel type-feel through a few sections. (Think- covered waterslide)

We are now chainsaw-use approved, we have authorization to use the Park’s John Deere “Gators”, and also have access and the training to use NTWA’s ST240. Just a couple months ago, we had no access to any of these aids. This changes everything.

Thank you to all those volunteers who came out this weekend. Your commitment to creating new places to ride will be opening many doors in the future. Let’s keep up the fight!

*Elements of this trail build day partially funded by a tourism development grant from the Washington County Visitor's Association.

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