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TEMPLATE: Individual Trail Proposal PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 15 October 2007 05:15

This is a template used by trail managers to propose a new trail to land managers.  These trail proposals are appended to the overall "vision" document for the trail network.   In some cases, such as adopt-a-park agreement with Oregon Parks & Recreation, it's a requirement to provide a trail proposal to land manager prior to beginning to rough flag it out.


"{Trail Name}" trail

Skill level/style of trail - keywords only


{Proposal Date}

Proposed by:

Suggested Trail name:

Users: (be specific!  XC mountain bikers, FR/DH mountain bikers, hikers, equestrian users, bird watchers...  If certain groups must be excluded due to nature of trail, then state that here as well) 

Location: (use geographical reference -name of mountain, name of land area/park/etc, and general location within that reference... and provide GPS Lat/Long coordinates of begin/end)

Description: (couple paragraphs about overall trail - features, address important factors specific to trail location - like how it may tie into existing trail, or provide a more sustainable access route to a positive control point, etc.  SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THE LAND MANAGER - see IMBA Trail Solutions and IMBA Managing Mountain Biking books if you want to learn)

Risk Management: (special signage needs outside of normal trail system guidelines, also mention specific agreements already established that contain Risk Management guidelines which will be used for this trail - usually a State Park has a Master Plan... reference it! The fact you even know of it's existence and which APPENDIX the Risk Management stuff is in will go a long ways to impressing the land manager of how serious you are)



Surface Type:  

Difficulty Level:

Construction Guidelines:

Estimated build timeframe/phases:

General Trail Manager Comments: 

Future Enhancements:


 (these are required by Stub Park managers so they can run past the Washington County permit people)

List of trail features/strucutures (GPS lat/long if you have them, otherwise number from a tag you attached to a stake placed in ground at location)

"Conceptualization" Sample Photos or sketches of trail structures

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