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Written by BUILD CREW   
Friday, 01 June 2012 19:20

5 years in the making.  Thousands of volunteer hours advocating, planning, scouting, proposing and constructing has all led us to this point.  To every single volunteer that has ever helped, these trails are for you.  We hope you enjoy them.


June 2nd 2012 marks opening day of the Stub Stewart State Park Freeride Area.  Here are a few details you will need to know about accessing the network;


  1. Pay to Park.  To park within the park boundaries you must either post an annual pass in your car ($30 a year), or pay for daily parking ($5).  Straight from the Park's website - "$5 daily day-use fee or buy a 12-month permit for $30 or a 24-month permit for $50.  These 1 & 2 year permits are good at all state park day-use areas."  If you would rather ride your bike into the park, you can park at the Buxton trailhead for the Banks-Vernonia trail and ride your way into the park (that makes for a long ride).

  2. Park management is recommending that Mountain Bike visitors park their vehicles at the Hilltop day use area and ride in to the mountain bike area from there. (The Speed limit on park roads are 20MPH)  It's a little under a mile of pedaling to access the North Mountain Bike Area from Hilltop day use area.  Directional signage (from Hilltop to the North Mountain Bike Area) is posted beginning at the exit to the Hilltop day use area parking lot.  Please keep in mind that these access trails are multi-use trails.  So anticipate seeing Equestrians and Hikers along the route.  Please ride respectfully.

  3. To access the Freeride Area (and North Mountain Bike Area) from Hilltop day use area; follow the directional signs starting at the exit to the parking area. Head uphill on the main road.  From there, follow the directional signage leading you back to the Mountain bike area (right on Peavey Hook Bridleway, left on Caddywhomper Way).  "Rise & Shine" (Freeride Area push-up/access trail) will be another .3 miles into the Mountain bike area.  From there, head uphill to access the Freeride Trailheads.

  4. There are currently 2 trails open, a beginner-level ("Greenhorn") and an intermediate-level trail ("Drip-Torch").  They are still very soft, so please take care and refrain from skidding.  From the bottom of the Freeride trails, you can head left and take the other push-up access trail "Rinse, Repeat".

  5. Please keep in mind that this is only Phase 1 of the Freeride Area build-out.  There are plans to extend the trails and to add future option lines.  The hard part is now behind us.  If you want to become more involved in this process, please let us know @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

More information will be updated here and the Facebook Page in the future.  Enjoy yourselves, and look before you leap.


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Last Updated on Friday, 01 June 2012 20:59

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